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Watt Electric inspect, designs and executes electrical installations under international quality and safety regulations.

About us?

Technicians and engineers specialized in residential and commercial electricity.

What we do?

All kinds of electrical work with the most advanced tools and equipment in Cuba.

Why choose us?

We offer solutions and advice under international electrical standards.

Electrical services

1. Advice
2. Design
3. Lighting
4. Inspections and Tests

5. Planned Maintenance
6. Rewires
7. Execution of Works
8. HVAC and more…

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Practical tips to save energy, interesting and curious facts about electricity and modern facilities in Cuba and the World.

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Contact us through our email and ask any questions you may have. We help you with your project as far as your needs go.

Customers reviews

What people say?

Them professionalism and versatility to do quality work taking into account the tastes of the client.
If King Midas turned what he touched into gold, it could be said that what @wattcuba touches becomes light. In capital letters: CONGRATULATIONS. Surely those who do works like this do not just think about material benefits.
José Luis Prado


Our services are tailored to the needs of the residential, commercial and semi-industrial sectors; to meet the growing needs of modern facilities.

We guarantee quality, safety and professionalism in our work, abiding by international IEC / NEC standards; We design technical projects that contain descriptive memories, electrical plans where the circuits and components of the installation are defined; we make budgets in which we detail the materials to be used and break down the labor force by activity; We manage the appropriate materials for the execution of our works. Professionalism, security, functionality and perfect aesthetics in combination is what we offer you.

We are a group specialized in residential and commercial electricity, with the necessary experience to offer you solutions in the areas of electrical installations, lighting design, climate and automation in small, medium and large-scale jobs.