UNE procedures

New Service

Name Change

Transfer of Service

De-Service Discharge

Relocation of the Accountant

Counter Change

New Service Application

When presenting to the commercial office the consumer must provide the following information:

  1. First and Last Name.
  2. ID number.
  3. Address of the property in question detailing:
    • Street and Number, if you don't have a number, detail whether the sidewalk is even or odd numbering.
    • Name of the streets.
    • Ground or high floor, passage and number or letter of the apartment, as the case may be.
    • In rural areas, the name or number of the road and the number of the kilometer and/ or name of the farm where the property is located will be reported.
  4. Phone.
  5. Number of people in the family nucleus.
  6. Presentation of the appropriate document proving that the applicant is in the legal possession of the property. Any of the following documents are accepted:
    • Writing of property or title of property of the house.
    • Permanent free usufruct certificate.
      Certificate of habitable issued by the corresponding Housing Directorate.
    • Construction license for new homes with temporary facilities built, except for breakdowns or existing homes.
    • Swap resolution.
    • Contract with the body that owns the property granting usufruct use to the applicant for the service.
    • Authorization for the construction or occupation of a house issued by the competent body in that area: ANAP, Poder Popular, Cooperative and Hydroenergy.
  7. Require the liquidation of the place of origin if it is discharged by transfer.
  8. Magnitude of the load to be connected, detailing number and capacity of lights and other electrical equipment to be used, as well as the operating voltage of the lights.

Except to present the legal document of possession of the properties the cases of Electrification of Clothes racks, Bateyes Azucareros, elimination of Diesel plants and other clients not connected to the SEN of investments approved by the state.

Any new request for electrical service or the change of an existing one, is accepted once it has verified that all the necessary information has been provided to it and that the technical standards and requirements have been completed by the customer.

Updated: 18 November, 2018

Steps to follow for Name Changes

Name changes are made at the request of the consumer by filing with the last paid account and any of the related documents in the procedure "Contracting services in the residential sector".

If the receipt is not presented, it is verified in the Balance area that there are no outstanding accounts payable. If they exist, the consumer must settle the pending debits and then have the name change. It is the responsibility of the Commercial Specialist that this procedure is strictly followed.

Upon completion of these requirements, the Commercial Specialist in charge of this activity proceeds to complete the model Order of Connection and Disconnection (H-65) reflecting in observations the document he submitted (Number and date), as well as the identity card number of the contractor.

If you are issuing a receipt you will normally be charged, starting to govern the change at the next billing.

It is the responsibility of the Commercial Specialist to execute the movement at the next billing, as well as to pass the triplicate of the model to "route cleaning" to verify whether the name change has already been reflected in the invoiced account. Otherwise, the name of the new customer is manually entered and the movement will be reprocessed.

Updated: 18 November, 2018


Inside the Commercial Office

A single H-65 connection and disconnect order is issued, entering the low and high data in the typeless ones enabled in the model. The required documents are presented.

An additional copy of the H-65 is issued because both the low and the high must be interleaved in the consumer log control file in its corresponding place.

The final account of the unsubscribe service will be charged as explained in Bajas.

Outside the Commercial Office

They are treated as independent low and high, in each Commercial Office, issuing model H-65 by the deregister and another by discharge in the new direction, with normal processing in both cases and presentation of the required documents.

Swaps receive the same treatment as transfers.

Updated: 10 November, 2018

Details of the Baja process

The loss may occur at the request of the consumer or ordered by the Commercial Office, for abandonment of the service or for non-payment of their account.

The casualties requested by consumers can be final or temporary and in all cases the final account is charged, obtaining a consumption between the date of the last reading and the date of application for unsubscribe.

The charge is made using the model (H-490) Cashier Receipt and the legend "Final Account" is stamped on it.
The consumer's signature must be obtained on the H-65 Connection and Disconnect Order as a record of the unsubscribe request.
At the time of issuing the discharge, in all cases, the consumer is informed that anyone who continues to reside at the place of service must sign a new contract.
It is the responsibility of the Commercial Specialist that there are no outstanding debits from customers requesting leave, as well as the final account is charged and the withdrawal of the service is executed on the scheduled date, giving the course after copies of the H-65 model "Connection and Disconnect Order".

Updated: 4 July, 2019

Meter counter relocation

Where, for specific situations of a consumer, a varied location or repositioning of the meter electric power meter is necessary, the Service Order will be made with the data provided by the customer.

The site will be inspected by a specialist of the electrical company, to determine the possibility of execution of the work, informing the customer through the Service Application Investigation model, the results of the inspection.

If the work is executable the customer will be informed that it must be presented to the commercial office to make the payment of the same, by applying the State Price Committee's A-182-83 fee up to $6.00.

From the date of collection of the varied place, the Commercial Office responsible for carrying out this work will have 10 working days to carry it out.

Updated: 18 December, 2018

Meter change meter

The change of meter electric power meter by increase or decrease in capacity can be requested by the consumer or by order of the inspectors.

The causes of change of Electric Power Meter (EEC) ordered by the inspectors are:

  1. Faulty CEE.
  2. CEE inadequate.
  3. CEE burned or broken.

As is the case:

Faulty CEECs

In these cases, the H-65 Connection and Disconnect Order is issued, referring to the report on the defect of the EEC (Registration in advance, delay, stop, without load, etc.), in the box "Remarks". In addition, the area that recommends the change is added. All other H-65 order data is taken from the consumer control file.

In the first billing after the change of the meter meter there is an average of the consumption that there has been (difference of the reading of the change of EEC, reflected by the operator in the H-65 and the reading taken by the reader) between the days elapsed from the date of the change to the day of the reading and multiplied by 30 days.

Inadequate CEECs

The cause and class of Meter counter to be installed is clarified in the "Remarks" box, in addition to the one who orders the change of EEC. The rest of the data to be entered in the H-65 is taken from the consumer archive.

Examples of "Remarks":

  • By increased or decreased load.
  • Requires trifilar (or three-phase, etc.) service.
  • Install CEE with demand – See letter, etc.

For the billing of the month, at the time the new Meter counter is read, the supervisor, according to the consumption of the new EEC, plus the consumption of the retired EEC, is listed as consumption of the month the sum of both.

CEE burned or broken

The mechanical or electrical causes that motivate the change of equipment are investigated. If the customer is liable, he/she will pay the appropriate compensation in accordance with the damages. Subsequently, the H-65 model is issued, clarifying in a similar way to the previous cases the particulars that we have referred to above in the "Remarks" box.

For the billing of the month, if it had been the last consumptions increased over the history, it is considered the largest of the consumptions.

Updated: 8 December, 2018